Our Staff

Over 300 years combined Service to our community.  Celebrating Life since 1870.

  • Richard  H. “Dickie” Horne

    Richard H. “Dickie” Horne

    Chairman of the Board, Funeral Director, Certified Funeral Service Practitioner, C.A.N.A. Certified

    Richard H. “Dickie” Horne serves as president and Chairman of the Board of Horne Funeral Service. He is a funeral director and a certified C.A.N.A. crematory operator.. He is the son of the late C. Hubert Horne and has been associated with the funeral home since 1962.

    A licensed funeral director since 1969, Dick has been active through the years in various civic organizations. He is a former member of the Christiansburg Rescue Squad where he served as a training officer. Since 1975 he has been an active member of the Christiansburg Fire Department where he acted as secretary and treasurer for over twenty two years.

    Dick has been an ordained minister in the Southern Baptist Church since 1968. He has served as Chaplain and as a member of the Board of Directors of the Virginia Funeral Directors Association and past president of the Blue Ridge Funeral Directors Association. He was a Charter member of the Board of Directors Independent Funeral Homes of Virginia.

    A local history buff, Dick is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the Montgomery Museum.

  • Johnny S. Muncy

    Johnny S. Muncy

    Manager, Vice President and Funeral Director

    Johnny Muncy graduated from the Mortuary Science Program at John Tyler Community College in Chester, Virginia. He joined Horne Funeral Home in 1997 and currently serves as Vice President and Manager.

    A native of Lee County he has been active in the funeral profession since 1995. As a director, Johnny possesses an easy, personable manner that naturally puts people at ease. He has served as the past president of the Southwest Funeral Directors Association and is a board member with Independent Funeral Homes of Virginia. Because of his involvement with these associations, we are able to network with funeral directors across the country to learn more and better serve the families that call on us at their time of need.

    Johnny and his wife, BJ, and their daughter Olivia and son Rex, reside in Christiansburg.

  • V. Craig Helvey

    V. Craig Helvey

    Funeral Director and Manager Horne Monument Sales, C.A.N.A. Crematory Certified

    Craig Helvey has been with Horne Funeral Home since 2007. He graduated from John Tyler College of Mortuary Science in 2003. In addition to serving as a funeral director, he is also a certified C.A.N.A. crematory operator. Craig serves as a pre-need counselor and oversees the Monument and Memorial Division of the company.

    Craig is a native of Covington, Virginia and has varied funeral service and crematory experience.

    Craig resides in Christiansburg. He has been active in volunteer firefighting and rescue since 1985 and is currently an active member of the Elliston Volunteer Fire Department. Craig is also active in the Montgomery County Swift Water Rescue Team.

  • John Jay  Hines

    John Jay Hines

    Crematory Supervisor, C.A.N.A. Certified, and Funeral Assistant

    Jay Hines joined the staff at Horne Funeral Service in 2004 and currently serves as the Supervisor of our in-house crematory. He is a certified C.A.N.A. crematory operator, a funeral assistant and building and grounds maintenance operator.

    Jay and his wife, Gail have one son, one daughter and three grandsons. A life long resident of the New River Valley, Jay and his family live in the Snowville Community. He and his wife are members of the Cornersview Pentecostal Holiness Church in Snowville.

    Jay's hobbies include woodworking and water skiing.

  • Jeanine Maxwell

    Jeanine Maxwell

    Administrative Assistant

    Jeanine joined the staff at Horne Funeral Service in January 2011. Jeanine is a lifelong hometown resident and is a member of Blacksburg First Wesleyan Church. She now serves as an Administrative Assistant.

    When Jeanine is not enjoying cooking or playing in her landscaping, she loves to spend her time with her four beautiful daughters and granddaughter.

  • Jerry  Trump

    Jerry Trump

    Maintenance Supervisor

    Jerry Trump is a Christiansburg native and has been a full-time employee at Horne Funeral Home since 2008. He serves as maintenance supervisor and funeral assistant.

    Jerry is a Life Member of the Christiansburg Rescue Squad and has served with the squad for over a decade. Prior to this he served as a member of the Riner Volunteer Fire Department.

    Jerry enjoys spending time with his dog, Harlei.

  • Jack Tawney

    Jack Tawney

    Funeral Assistant

    Jack joined Horne Funeral Service in 2014 after moving to Christiansburg from Giles County. He brings with him over 20 years of funeral service experience. Prior to working at Horne, Jack worked part time at Kendell Funeral Home in Pembroke, VA.

    Jack currently lives in Christiansburg. He enjoys spending time working outside.

  • Autumn Marie Brianna Sheppard

    Autumn Marie Brianna Sheppard

    Funeral Assistant/Apprentice

    Autumn Sheppard has been employed with Horne Funeral Service since July 9, 2015. She is a funeral assistant and works visitations and funerals services. She is a graduate of Auburn High School Class of 2019 and resides in Pilot, Va.

    Autumn is currently completing her apprenticeship. She plans to attend Mid-American Life of Funeral Services College this fall in order to gain a mortuary degree and a degree in grief counseling.

    Autumn’s interests include spending time with her family, shopping, and traveling.

  • Quinn Alexandra Horne

    Quinn Alexandra Horne

    Funeral Assistant

    Quinn began working for Horne Funeral Service, her family's business, in January 2018. She is the daughter of Brian and Amy Horne and the granddaughter of Richard and Pat Horne. Quinn is planning to follow her father and will be a forth generation funeral director.

    Quinn is a graduate from Pathway Christian Academy's Class of 2019. She is currently attending New River Community College where she will obtain her degree in Business Administration.

  • Wendell Flinchum

    Wendell Flinchum

    Funeral Assistant

    Wendell joined the staff at Horne Funeral Service in 2014. Prior to that he worked for the Virginia Tech Police Department for 29 years, serving as Chief of Police during his last seven years. Wendell attended Virginia Tech and Bluefield College.

    Wendell is a native of Christiansburg and is married to Sharon Flinchum.
    He is a past member of the Christiansburg Rescue Squad. Along with his wife and daughters, Wendell attends Trinity Baptist Church.

    In his spare time, Wendell enjoys riding motorcycles, old cars and the outdoors.

  • Glenn M. Stanger

    Glenn M. Stanger

    Funeral Assistant

    Glenn began working at Horne Funeral Service in 2016. Before working at Horne, Glenn was a truck driver for 10 years and worked at the Radford Arsenal for 29 years.

    Glenn is a native of Christiansburg, VA. He is a graduate of Christiansburg High School and United Electronics Institute's Class of 1972. Glenn resides in Christansburg with his wife, Doris.

    In Glenn's free time he enjoys farming on his 140 acres of farmland.

  • Harvey  Boothe

    Harvey Boothe

    Funeral Assistant

    Harvey Boothe joined Horne Funeral Service in 2011. Prior to working at Horne, he retired from 40 years of service from area school systems: 25 years with Montgomery County Schools as Supervisor of Electronics and 15 years with Radford City Schools as a Network Engineer and Director of Technology.

    Both Harvey and his wife, Sharon, are lifelong residents of Montgomery County, and they are members of Oak Grove Church. They have two daughters, Staci and Jessica, and two grandsons, Chase and Davis.

    Harvey enjoys working on the family farm and spending time with his family.

  • Regina Meredith

    Regina Meredith

    Receptionist, Funeral Assistant

    Regina Meredith began working at Horne Funeral Service in February 2019. She is a long-time resident of Christiansburg.

    Regina retired after 13 years from Salem High School as a school counselor. Prior to that she taught at Carroll County High School, Hillsville Intermediate, Glen Cove Elementary, and Christiansburg High School (teacher and counselor). She retired from public education after 41 years of serving many students and families. Regina had planned for many years to make being part of the funeral home service her post retirement part time job.

    Regina enjoys crafts, traveling, and reading in her free time.

  • Richie Lee Mills

    Richie Lee Mills

    Director Assistant

    Richie Mills joined Horne Funeral Service in 2018. He assists during visitations, funeral services and daily operations.

    Richie is a graduate of Christiansburg High School, and he is a native of Christansburg, VA.

    Hunting and fishing as well as spending time with his daughter are among Richie's interests. He enjoys meeting new people and making new friends.

  • Patrick  Lloyd

    Patrick Lloyd

    Funeral Assistant

    Patrick has been employed with Horne Funeral Service since January 2019. He assists with funeral services and visitations.

    Patrick resides in Christiansburg with his wife and son. He is a Life Member of Christiansburg Rescue Squad. He works full-time at Chandler Concrete.

    Patrick is a graduate of Narrows High School, has an Associates Degree from New River Community College in Business Administration and a Bachelors Degree from Radford University in Business Marketing.

    Being outdoors, spending time with his family and friends, and amateur radio are among Patrick's hobbies.

  • Grover  Nixon

    Grover Nixon

    Retired Assistant Funeral Director

    Grover Nixon began part-time work at Horne Funeral Service in 1989.
    He was first, however, associated with our firm from 1948-1954 and held an Assistant Funeral Director's license. He entered the U. S. Army in 1954 and upon completion of his military service, he became a physical therapist at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Salem for 32 years. Upon retirement from the V.A., he again became associated with the funeral home.

    A Christiansburg native, Grover has been married to the former Opal Testerman for over 60 years. They have one daughter, Lisa, and three grandsons.

    Grover is a dedicated Christian and is an active member of the Christiansburg Church of the Brethren where he serves as a Deacon. He is a Life Member of the Christiansburg Rescue Squad having served as an active member for 19 years.

    With much regret Grover retired from our staff in June 2018. Grover taught each of us so much, and for that, we thank you! Grover, enjoy your retirement. You have earned it!

  • James

    James "Jim" Epperly

    Retired Assistant Funeral Director

    James A. Epperly began a long work career that started at Horne Funeral Service in 1973.

    James is well known in the community, having retired as Captain from the Christiansburg Police Department in 2002 following 37 years of faithful service to the community. He is a native of the Cambria section of Christiansburg.

    Both James and his wife, Phyllis, are active members of Faith Missionary Baptist Church and have two children and three grandchildren.

    James retired from our staff in September 2018 after many years of service at Horne Funeral Home. Enjoy your retirement, Jim. You deserve it!

  • Edward Trump, Jr.

    Edward Trump, Jr.

    Retired Funeral Director, CFSP, Certified C.A.N.A. Crematory Operator & Former Vice President

    Edward J. Trump, Jr., long time employee of Horne Funeral Service, Inc., resigned in March 2014 due to failing health.

    Eddie was employed to work at Sunset Cemetery in Christiansburg by Hubert Horne in the summer of 1971. Shortly after he was hired as an employee of the then Richardson-Horne Funeral Home in October of 1971. Eddie earned his funeral director's license and embalmer's internment and graduated from the Cincinnati College of Embalming in 1975.

    Hubert Horne purchased the remaining Richardson stock in 1972, and in 1987 he and his son, Dick, gifted several shares of stock of the funeral home to Eddie. In 1996 he was made Vice President of the firm; a position he held until March 31, 2014.

    In 2013 Eddie, a diabetic, suffered the first of several strokes and soon became unable to work. He resigned on March 31, 2014.

    Richard H. (Dick) Horne, CEO of Horne Funeral Home, said Eddie is now a paid consultant of the firm. Horne said that Eddie's resignation, both as an employee and as Vice President of the firm was "an emotional, heart-wrenching time for all concerned." He continued, "Eddie has for the past 40 plus years been to me the brother I never had. His health situation has been a blow to the firm's employees as well as to me personally."
    Horne's son, Brian, said "my dad and Eddie have long been my mentors. We all greatly miss Eddie's everyday presence and his knowledge."

    Eddie said that "the Horne family has been exceptionally good to me through the years, and I have enjoyed and appreciate the many years I have worked with them."

  • Hubert Horne

    Hubert Horne

    Owner and Funeral Director

    In Loving Memory
    January 20, 1923-January 12, 1997

    The late Hubert Horne was associated with Horne Funeral Service for 57 years from 1940 until his death in January 1997.

    A Southwest Virginia native, Hubert served in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II and then graduated from the Cincinnati College of Embalming in 1946.

    Hubert married the former Louise Slusher of Christiansburg in 1945. He was active in numerous civic and church organizations including the Lions Club, Highway Safety Commission, the Masons and was a Deacon in the local Presbyterian Church.

    Hubert was a charter member of the Christiansburg Rescue Squad, serving as its second captain and at the time of his death was a Life Member. He was one of the first people to be inducted into the squad’s Hall of Fame. In 1995 he received the Virginia Funeral Directors Association’s “Golden Service Award” for fifty years of service to the funeral profession.

  • Allen H. DeSchon

    Allen H. DeSchon

    Funeral Assistant

    In Loving Memory
    July 19, 1929 - December 12, 2005

    Allen H. DeSchon was a member of Horne Funeral Service for 17 years from 1987 until he retired in December 2004.

    A native of Winchester, Virginia, Allen began his career in funeral service in 1955. He graduated from the Cincinnatti College of Embalming in 1957.

    Allen passed away in December 2005. He is remembered as having been a true southern gentleman, always willing to assist those in need and especially those less fortunate than himself.

  • Edward (Mr. Ed) Trump Sr.

    Edward (Mr. Ed) Trump Sr.

    Funeral Assistant

    In Loving Memory
    July 31, 1934 - October 6, 2008

    Ed "Mr. Ed" Trump, Sr. passed away in October 2008. After more than 35 years of service with VDOT, having worked on bridge construction and as a heavy equipment operator, Ed retired in 1993. He then became a part-time funeral assistant with Horne Funeral Service until his death some 15 years later.

    Ed was a member of Cedar Springs Church, a proud honorary member of Christiansburg Rescue Squad and a lifetime resident of the Rogers community.

    Horne Funeral Home is proud to continue the practice of greeting family and friends as they arrive for a service. This, of course, often means withstanding some harsh winter winds, snow and even ice. Without any regard for the weather, Ed would always greet drivers with a warm smile as they pulled into our parking lot.

    Mr. Ed will be eternally missed by his extended family at Horne Funeral Home.

  • Patricia K.  Horne

    Patricia K. Horne

    Corporate Secretary-Treasurer, Receptionist

    In Loving Memory
    June 25, 1950-March 30, 2018

    Patricia K. Horne is the wife of Richard H. Horne and the mother of the late Brian R.H. Horne. They also have a daughter, Dr. H. Leveta Horne, who lives in Florida.

    A native of Christiansburg, she attended Radford University and taught for a number of years for the Floyd Ward School of Dance as well as at Ferrum College.

    Pat was a member of the Horne Funeral Service Board of Directors since 1989 and at the time of her death, she was the secretary-treasurer of the corporation.

    Pat was a lifelong member of St. Paul United Methodist Church until she became a Southern Baptist after she was married in 1969. She was a Past Worthy Matron of the local chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star and was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and Daughters of the Colonist.

    Pat had worked part-time at the funeral home since 1987 as a receptionist and a member of our office staff. Her presence is truly missed by all.

  • Brian R.H. Horne

    Brian R.H. Horne

    President, Funeral Director, Certified Funeral Service Practitioner and C.A.N.A Certified

    In Loving Memory
    May 21, 1973 - September 1, 2019

    Brian was a third generation funeral director and served as President of Horne Funeral Service. He was also a certified C.A.N.A. crematory operator. He graduated from Gupton Jones College of Funeral Service in Atlanta, GA and has been active in the profession since 1992.

    Brian lived in Christiansburg and has four daughters: Grayce, Quinn, Makenna, and Rachel.

    Since 1997 Brian was an active member of the Christiansburg Volunteer Fire Department where he served on the Board of Directors. He is a past vice president of the Southwest Virginia Firefighters Association. Brian also served as a Life Member of the Shawsville Volunteer Rescue Squad and actively served beginning in 1989. In addition, he was an Honorary Member of the Christiansburg Volunteer Rescue Squad with active membership from 1994-1997 and honorary membership since 1997.

    Brian was active in the VA Funeral Directors Association, serving as a member of the Board of Directors in 2018 - 2019. He served as Chairman of the Convention Exhibits Committee beginning in 2001. He is a past president of the Blue Ridge Funeral Directors Association and a member of Independent Funeral Homes of Virginia where he had served on the Board of Directors. Brian was also active with the Selected Funeral Directors Association. This association is by invitation only to family owned funeral firms. Because of Brian's association with these organizations, we are able to network with funeral directors across the country to learn and better serve the families that call on us at their time of need.

    During his short life, Brian touched many lives. He will forever be missed by all of us who knew him.