Our Long History

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Horne Funeral Service is the oldest family owned and operated business in Montgomery County. Our business was established in 1870 as part of the Evans & Flannagan Hardware store located on the square in downtown Christiansburg where the first National Bank now stands. Circa 1901, this picture shows what started as a feed store, livery and general wares store, later to become the Evans & Flannagan Feed and Hardware store.

In 1915, S. C. Richardson, a native of the Riner section of Montgomery County, went to work at the hardware and quickly became involved with the funeral portion of the business, delivering caskets to homes, assisting in preparing bodies for burial and driving the horse-drawn hearse from the residence or church to the cemetery. He attended the Cincinnati College of Embalming in 1919 and soon purchased the funeral portion of the business and it then became known as "Richardson & Company, Funeral Directors and Undertakers" and was operated from a storefront parlor on East Main Street near the current Town Hall.

In 1925 Richardson purchased the first motorized hearse/ambulance vehicle in Montgomery County.

In 1933 Richardson purchased the large Smith residence at 16 East Main Street and performed the first of many renovations and additions. This picture shows the H.P. Smith home as seen in 1907 when Mr. Smith operated a tin shop in the rear. Before that time a school was operated on the property out of the home of Eldred Anderson. This house was built in the 1890's. Open House was held on August 18, 1934 and we operated from that location for the next 53 years. 

This drawing shows the old Richardson & Company (as it was then known) at 16 East Main Street, circa 1940.
 The vehicle shown is a 1937 Packard Ambulance. 

This photo shows the 1948 Packard Ambulance/Hearse combination vehicle once operated by the funeral home. This antique vehicle is still proudly owned by Horne Funeral Service and although no longer in service, is still in excellent running order.  And from time to time is requested to be used on funeral services and we gladly provide.

This drawing depicts the Smith home after remodeling was completed.

From 1925 until 1969 we provided the ambulance service to Christiansburg and surrounding areas. Many funeral homes used their hearse to double as an ambulance, but from 1937 we operated professional “straight ambulances” and maintained separated professional vehicles for our hearses. Through the years our ambulances were all state of the art equipped with the latest in medical and rescue equipment. Many times, during the 1920s and 30s a physician from Christiansburg’s “New Altamont Hospital” would ride along, especially on calls for assistance from the N & W Railway and Merrimac Mines.

In 1942 C. Hubert Horne became associated with the firm, graduated from the Cincinnati College of Embalming and soon became part owner. The name was changed in 1957 to “Richardson Funeral Home, Inc.” In 1962, Hubert’s son, Richard, began working at the funeral home while still in high school. After attending college, “Dick” began to work full-time and became a licensed funeral director in 1969.

1964 Cadillac M&M ambulance/hearse combination vehicle and 1971 Superior three way coach, as with the 1948 Packard, if a family request us to use one of these two cars, we again will gladly provide, as we have in the past.

After 57 years of service, Mr. Richardson retired in 1972 and Hubert and Richard Horne purchased his remaining stock. Soon afterward the name was changed to “Richardson-Horne.” Edward J. Trump, Jr. came to work at the funeral home while still in high school in 1970. He graduated from the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science in 1976 and became a Virginia funeral service licensee. In 1987 he obtained stock in the business and in 1996 became Vice President of the firm. In March 2014, Eddie took a medically driven retirement and now serves as a consultant to the funeral home. 

Having outgrown the downtown facilities, a new, spacious facility was constructed in 1986-87 at 1300 North Franklin Street. Opening in August 1987, the facilities provide chapel seating for 200, large visitation areas, and off street parking for over 150 cars. This drawing shows the original 1987 construction.

Another view of the 1987 funeral home.

A two-story addition and renovation of the existing facilities was accomplished in 2000 under the leadership of Brian R. H. Horne, the son of Richard Horne. Brian joined the firm in 1993 and has been a funeral service licensee since 1996. This 2004 photo shows the modern, homelike facility consisting of over 22,000 square feet. In addition, there is a separate 6000 square foot garage and storage area. 

In 1997 we dropped “Richardson” from our name to better reflect current ownership and now we are known as "Horne Funeral Home & Crematory."  Current principals in the firm are: Richard Hubert Horne, Chairman of the Board; Brian Richard Hubert Horne, President of the corporation and Pat K. Horne serves as Treasurer.

While continuing to offer caring and personal services which have been a hallmark of our funeral home for so many years, we have incorporated an even greater personalization which allows us to assist the families we serve to create an even greater tribute to their loved one. “What do remember most about your loved one?  A favorite hobby? Their devotion to the church? Service to the community?” We offer ‘Memorial Boards’ for families to display photographs. Many of our families choose to bring special mementos, from golf clubs, fishing rods, handmade quilts, a Motorcycle or even a saddle on the casket in the place of flowers for a horse lover. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination. Our staff of caring professionals will help you to create more than “just a funeral.”

Through the years we have provided honest, affordable and caring service to thousands of families, regardless of their station in life or financial circumstances. We are pledged to providing the finest service available, regardless of a family’s ability to pay. And, as a special service, we make no charge for our services or merchandise for infants under one year of age.

Since 1870 our firm has provided the highest standard of service to Montgomery County and surrounding areas. We have been here for our community in years past and we continue to provide the very finest in funeral and cremation services, as well as monuments and grave markers.